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Pure Heat
There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe, and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets
Ozone Treatements
Ozone is the second most poweful sterilant in the world, and it's function is to destory bacteria, virsues, and oders in nature.
Mold Info
What Is?

Get to Know Timmco

Timmco of Clarksville is a locally owned company offering a wide range of services and prices to fit your needs. Mold and moisture problems can be a hazard to your health along with damaging your property. It's a hidden danger that many neglect to take care of in a timely manner. If you or someone you know has one of these problems, they need to contact a certified mold remediator.

Timmco is owned by Timm and Dana Johnson. Timm is a Clarksville native and has been married to Dana since 1993. Dana is originally from Dover Tennessee, but has lived in Clarksville since their marriage. After their marriage they had two children, Allison and Ben, to add to Timm's son Thomas. With three children they stay busy and very active in our community. Timm has been doing business in Clarksville and servicing surrounding areas since February 1999. He is now celebrating eight successful years in business.

Clarksville is growing by leaps and bounds, and with it , so is the mold problem. After a family member found mold when selling a new home, Timm discovered there really wasn't a certified specialist in this area. The lack of a knowledgable remediator in the area led to much research and a lot of cost to try and resolve the problem. Timm decided that he could use that knowledge and gain more to offer a service to this community that it had been lacking. By having the right training, the right education, the right certifications, the right equipment, the right products and the needs of the community he has been able to help numerous people in many ways.

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