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Pure Heat
There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe, and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets
Ozone Treatements
Ozone is the second most poweful sterilant in the world, and it's function is to destory bacteria, virsues, and oders in nature.
Mold Info
What Is?

What is Pure Heat?

Pure Heat is a relatively new procedure that we offer at Timmco of Clarksville. The Pure Heat process is a patented new technology that utilizes clean, dry, odorless heat to create an environment that is lethal to the targeted organism. There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets. Heat has been used for many years to pasteurize milk. The concept is similar to pasteurization, except for your house!

This process allows a certified remediator to heat your entire home, or just a room at a time, to a level that any living organism can not survive. During the Pure Heat process the inside air is slowly raised to a safe "sauna-like temperature", but one that is lethal to mold, bacteria and insects. This heating process also helps dry out your building making it less conducive to mold and bacterial growth. Heat also reduces annoying and irritating odors. This has been a very successful cure for many on going problems in homes.

We also deploy this process for the disinfection of structures, enclosable areas, and objects, such as household items. The heat kills drywood termites, powderpost beetles and other wood destroying insects. The pure heat process also kills bedbugs and cockroaches. Certain mold spores can cling to insects as they walk through mold growth. Insects thrive in damp areas and will spread the mold spores within a building. We can treat large areas, small areas or entire structures. with a single application in only 6 to 8 hours. Once the desired temperature level has been maintained for the specified time, the cool-down begins. The structure is safe to enter immediately after treatment, No more three day move outs required. For more information about the Pure Heat process contact Timm Johnson at 931-320-3747  





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