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Pure Heat
There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe, and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets
Ozone Treatements
Ozone is the second most poweful sterilant in the world, and it's function is to destory bacteria, virsues, and oders in nature.
Mold Info
What Is?

What Certified Means

Timmco of Clarksville is a Professional Mold Inspection Institute (PMII) certified company. You can find other people or companies that claim to be able to remove mold. This is not always the case and consumers need to be aware. To be certified means that you have been educated in the different types of mold, it's dangers, and how to properly treat the condition to alleviate health concerns and proper remediation of your particular problem. By receiving certification, we are not only showing our clients that we have received training and have the knowledge to perform an inspection based on an industry standard, but also demonstrating to our clients a commitment to professionalism. Using a certified inspector and remediator will benefit you in the long run. 

Certified Residential

Certifed Residential Mold Inspectors (CRMI) are trained to locate water damage and microbial (fungal and bacterial) growth in residences. Mold and bacterial growth resulting from water and moisture problems can result in significant damage to elements of the residence, and may impact the health of sensitive occupants Mold inspections and evaluations are best performed by professionally trained and licensed companies specializing in that area. We offer these service because we have chosen to specialize in this area. We are qualified to make accurate determinations regarding mold. A comprehensive visual inspection is conducted of accessible areas, concentrating in areas of known mold problems. We inspect areas where plumbing fixtures and AC units exist and where condensation problems and moisture damage may exist. Because mold grows well at room temperature, control is achieved through adequate control of moisture or humidity in the house. Our inspections find areas which have poor humidity control, excess condensation. and areas with inadequate ventilation or air filtration. Usually inspections and testing takes us about 3 to 5 hours, sometimes more and sometimes less. Finally, after sample results are returned from the lab, your inspector rely upon his or her knowledge of your specific buildings conditions, general building sciences, lab result interpretive skills, and a knowledge of proper mold removal methods to draw conclusions regarding your mold problem. They should also come up with solutions to the problem as well. This should be presented in the form of a comprehensive and professional written report. A Timmco of Clarksville inspector will answer all of your questions about the mold contamination that was found, show you the area or areas that are the most likely source of the amplification, and areas that require repair or maintenance.


Certified Commercial

While most of our mold inspections are residential we also preform inspections on commerical property. Proper Commerical mold testing is a specialized service requiring special education, training and equipment. Our Certifed Commerical Mold Inspectors (CCMI) are trained in the proper procedures for mold inspection and testing of commerical properties including office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and multi unit properties. The major difference between residential and commerical is in the structure design. For example, a lot of commercial roofs are almost flat which allows water to puddle and seep in the building. Commercial buildings also have the HVAC system unit stalled on the roof and sprinkler systems betweens the floors of multi level structures. An evaluation of the property is done to identify potential sources of mold / fungal amplification. This includes an indoor and outdoor inspection of the property, investigation of the crawlspaces, parking garage and a thorough inspection of the HVAC system. Timmco of Clarksville Inspectors know how and where to find mold in commercial buildings, and inspects commerical buildings according to the Standards of Practice for Commercial Inspections. 


Certified Remediator

A Certified Mold Remediator (CMR) is a professional who has been specially trained as a mold remediation specialist for toxic mold detection, inspection, testing, sampling, prevention, remediation, and removal. Mold remediation is the safe & complete killing & removal of mold spores & mold colony growth from mold contaminated homes and commerical buildings. Effective mold remediation usually requires the removal of mold-damaged building materials and the use of a fungicide to kill mold and an antimicrobial coating to prevent future mold growth & danger. Timmco of Clarksville uses only EPA approved cleaners and equipment, and new technology such as Pure heat and Ozone. Timmco of Clarksville is a Certified Mold Remediator.


NAMI Member 

Timmco of clarksville is a member of the National Association of Mold Inspectors (NAMI). The National Association of Mold Inspectors (NAMI) was established in response to the need for national guidelines for mold inspectors in North America. In recent years mold has become a serious problem in homes, but as an environmental hazard, mold identification falls outside the scope of a typical home inspection. With no federal guidelines for mold safety, private organizations have taken the initiative in informing the public about this health issue.

NAMI's mission is as follows:
1. To advocate high Standards of Practice.
2. To enforce a sensible Code of Ethics that protects consumers.
3. To provide training opportunities and education for new mold inspectors.
4. To provide professional development and networking opportunities for its members

NAMI members have demonstrated extensive knowledge of new mold inspection by acquiring a accredited mold inspector education and by passing the NAMI Exam, which is a national exam sponsored by NAMI. Members are required to obtain approved continuing education to maintain their membership. 

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