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Pure Heat
There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe, and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets.
Ozone Treatements
Ozone is the second most poweful sterilant in the world, and it's function is to destory bacteria, virsues, and oders in nature.
Mold Info
What Is?




There are many types of mold and mold spores. Every discolored area you have may not be mold. It should be inspected by a trained eye, and sent off for evaluation. Diagnosing the problem in the beginning is the first step to treatment. You have to know what you are dealing with in order to cure your sick home. Timmco can inspect for mold in residential . We know how and where to find mold. While most mold inspections are residential, Timmco also inspects for mold on commerical property including office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and multi unit properties. We identify and assess mold damage, collect samples, and the recommended remediation protocols. Check this list of inspections we provide.



Once your home has been inspected by a certified mold inspector and it has been confirmed you have mold, the next step is to contact a certified mold remediator. Timmco understands the concept of mold remediation and the different remediation methods and techniques. We know how to contain the mold from spreading. The goal of containment is to limit the spread of mold throughout the building in order to minimize the exposure of remediators and building occupants to mold and to protect the cleaned areas. To be effective a mold remediator must understand characteristics of mold and how mold grows. They must know differences between Mold, Mildew, and Fungi. To clean wooden surfaces, remove moisture immediately and use dehumidifiers, fans, and gentle heat to dry them. Treated or finished wood surfaces can be cleaned and then allowed to dry.Wet paneling should be pried from the wall for drying or may need to be discarded. Some water-damaged items, including ceiling tiles, cellulose and fiberglass insulation, drywall and gypsum board should be discarded. Here at Timmco we know the potential health hazards and affects of toxic or unsafe mold . 



Depending on the level of contamination in your home there are different methods the certifed remediator may take to in order to make your home a healthy environment for you to live in. Timmco of Clarksville uses only EPA approved cleaners and equipment. This is a benefit to you and the environment. We are the only company that offers a 25 year transferable warranty on certain products used at the customers request. We Can also use Ozone and a relatively new procedure called Pure Heat. The Pure Heat process is a patented new technology that utilizes clean, dry, odorless heat to create an environment that is lethal to the targeted organism. There are no chemicals used in this process. Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world, and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors in nature. Ozone, at shock treatment levels will kill mold spores and obstruct future growth. Ozone controls odors by killing the mold and fungus. 


Moisture Control

Timmco will inspect what is generating the problem in order to give you a more in depth diagnosis of the problem. The allows you to stop the mold before it starts. The key to mold control is moisture control. It is important to dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. If mold is a problem in your home, clean up the mold and get rid of the excess water or moisture. Fix leaky plumbing or other sources of water. Cleaning and repair roof gutters regularly. Make sure the ground slopes away from the building foundation, so that water does not enter or collect around the foundation. Keep indoor humidity low. If possible, keep indoor humidity below 60 percent Condensation can be a sign of high humidity. Mold growth requires basically three things: 1) air, 2) a food source such as wood, drywall, or dust, and 3) moisture. When you remove any one side of the “Mold Triangle”, the mold cannot grow. Mold does not need a lot of water to grow. A little condensation, in a bathroom or around a window sill, for example, can be enough. Common sites for indoor mold growth include bathroom tile and grout, basement walls, and areas around windows, near leaky water fountains, and around sinks. Common sources of water or moisture include roof leaks, condensation due to high humidity or cold spots in a building, slow leaks in plumbing fixtures, humidification systems, sprinkler systems, and floods. Timmco of Clarksville can advise you on the best solution to the problem areas. 


Pure Heat

The Pure Heat process allows a certified remediator to heat your entire home, or just a room at a time, to a level that any living organism can not survive. During the Pure Heat process the inside air is slowly raised to a safe "sauna-like temperature", but one that is lethal to mold, bacteria and insects.There are no chemicals used in this process. This allows a safe and chemical free atmosphere for your family and pets. (Read more…)



Ozone is effective for removing harsh odors like smoke, mold, and animal odors. It is useful to "shock treat" an unoccupied room with a large volume of ozone to kill odors & germs. Shock treatments are different from using ozone for air purifying. Air purifying is mostly done with a very low amount of ozone. The high concentration of ozone is needed to kill mold and bacteria. Interestingly ozone occurs quite readily in nature, most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. In fact that "fresh, clean, spring rain" smell that we notice after a storm most often results from natures creation of ozone. (Read more…) 

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